Proprietary Drug Delivery and Extraction Technologies

Chinese and Western medicines have greatly influenced and enriched each other in recent decades. The efficacy of Chinese Herbal Medicine is well recognized by Western medicine, however, until recently its delivery systems have been far less advanced than Western medicine, and often the active ingredients from herbal extracts are not isolated or purified.

Xel is positioned to take advantage of this cross-fertilization to identify compounds having proven safety and efficacy from Chinese Herbal Medicine and further to design and develop advanced drug delivery systems in order to provide better efficacy and safety as well as extended patent protection. Additionally, Xel has developed several proprietary extraction methods for entire ingredient extraction that effectively extracts and preserves naturally existing nutrients, and for isolated pure single compounds from the herbal pharmacopeia. These technologies truly bring Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine to an extremely advanced and superior level.

Xel's transdermal drug systems can be designed to incorporate anti-irritant ingredients and proprietary skin penetration enhancers. Weekly or twice weekly patch systems can provide sustained release and better compliance. A variety of thin, flexible, transparent and cosmetically aesthetic designs are available.

Topical formulations for a wide variety of skin applications are possible by utilizing skin penetration enhancement and film-forming technologies. Xel's systems can provide topical dosing at far greater levels than those provided by conventional topical formulations, leading to dramatic improvements in efficacy and maximized cosmetic appeal.

Xel's biodegradable implant delivery system is a soft, flexible, reservoir-based drug delivery system available for parenteral administration. The technology is based on the use of biodegradable polymers that have a proven record of safety and effectiveness in approved drug delivery and medical products.

Xel's proprietary oral controlled release technology is specially designed for controlled/sustained release of both hydrophobic and hydrophilic compounds to optimize absorption. This delivery technology also provides advantages to improve product stability.

Xel's effervescent tablets and lozenges can provide controlled release of a wide variety of product formulations for both local and systemic effects; these systems are able to provide rapid absorption and fast onset in a form that provides pleasant taste and consumer appeal.

Xel's patented extraction method to extract the entire ingredients from fresh green tea leaves using only cold water. This proprietary cell-broken extraction process preserves all the naturally existing nutrients, taste and color contained in fresh green tea leaves, providing a unique fresh green tea extract high in polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber and more.