Controlled Topical Delivery System

Controlled topical delivery systems for a wide variety of skin applications are possible by utilizing skin penetration enhancement, film-forming and sustained release technologies. Xel's topical delivery technologies can provide systemic drug delivery via topical application as well as the topical drug delivery for the localized action. The ideal topical formulations can achieve the topical dosing at far greater levels than those provided by conventional topical formulations, leading to dramatic improvements in efficacy and maximized cosmetic acceptability.

Systemic Delivery

Xel's proprietary topical formulations are designed for systemic delivery. Following a single dose application to intact skin, the applied dose is absorbed across skin of average permeability to provide continuous transdermal delivery during 24-hour periods. The film-forming technology plays an occlusive role on the skin, and the skin serves as a reservoir for the sustained release of drug into the systemic circulation system. Topical formulation for systemic delivery provides a great option for transdermal drug delivery to minimize potential skin irritations caused by patch occlusion.

Topical Delivery

Combing skin penetration enhancer and film-forming technologies, Xel's topical formulations provide better efficacy than conventional topical products. The film-forming topical anesthetic gel or cream is applied on the skin site prior to painful dermatologic or cosmetic procedures, such as skin laser surgery and dermal injections. Following the application period, the formed film can easily be removed from the skin and additional procedures can be performed to minimize pain, if needed.

Topical Gel for Local Anesthesia

Topical Cream for Local Anesthesia