Oral Controlled Release

Xel's proprietary oral controlled release technology is specially designed for controlled/sustained release of both hydrophobic and hydrophilic compounds to optimize absorption. This delivery technology also provides advantages to improve product stability, mask unpleasant taste and color from drug components, especially those from herbal medicines.

Multi-formulation Dosage Form

  • Multi-Materials, Multi-Designs
    Powder, crystal or liquid forms of each active ingredient can be formulated to granules, mini-pills, pellets, droplets, tablets, microencapsulates, liposome or microspheres with or without further coatings to achieve the desired release profile and to increase bioavailability.
  • Better Compatibility
    Drugs with different physical and chemical properties can be formulated in a single dosage form, such as capsule.
  • Multiple Release Profiles
    Different release profiles can be designed within a single dosage form to achieve immediate, controlled, delayed, sustained or enteric effect.
  • Multiple Therapeutic Effects
    Drugs with different therapies can be formulated in single dosage form to target different disease states and symptoms.
  • Rapid Onset, Increased Bioavailability
    Each formulation is well designed based on drug's physical and chemical properties to achieve the optimal release profile and to significantly increase absorption.
  • Improved Drug Stability
    Better protection of drugs from oxidation, moisture, and light as well as drug-to-drug incompatibility.
  • Diminished Side Effects, Better Compliance
    Different release profiles minimize the hostile GI and other side effects.
  • Cost-Effective, Less Excipients
    Common excipients used in solid dosage forms, lesser amount of excipients contained or required compared to conventional oral tablets.