Effervescent Tablet/Lozenge

Xel's technology is to combine the effervescent and lozenge formulations to provide controlled release of a wide variety of product formulations for both local and systemic effects; these systems are also able to provide rapid absorption and fast onset in a form that provides pleasant taste and consumer appeal.

Clinical studies demonstrate that the ingredients from effervescent formulations penetrate the blood stream within as little as 15 minutes. The advantages of effervescent dosage forms over conventional oral liquid forms are:

  • Rapid onset of therapeutic effect
  • Better and quicker absorption
  • No dissolving time in the stomach to minimize the hostile GI environment
  • Increase in liquid intake
  • Advantages in case of swallowing problems
  • Simple handling and measuring into exact doses

Effervescent Lozenge Product

Effervescent Tablet Product

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