Xel's business strategy is to develop its own intellectual property for advanced drug delivery systems, and is seeking to out-license these products to major pharmaceutical companies once preclinical and some clinical trials have been completed or earlier should the opportunity arise.

In addition, Xel also pursues its strategic alliances with key pharmaceutical companies to facilitate through the expansion or co-development of its pipeline of emerging and existing product lines. Its proprietary drug delivery technologies provide new patient-friendly products, extend patent life spans, and increase market share and brand equity.

Xel has enhanced collaboration opportunities via:

  • Product Licensing – Emerging well-selected compounds, delivery technologies, and patents to be licensed.
  • Feasibility with Option to License – Several 'feasibility with option to license' programs to meet your business strategy.
  • Co-development of Partners' Proprietary Products – Creative opportunities for consulting or partnering with Xel as a partner in your development process.

For more information on the Xel technology or partnership opportunities, please contact Dr. Danyi Quan at