Company Profile

Founded in 1999, Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (previously known as Xel Herbaceuticals, Inc.) specializes in merging advanced drug delivery technologies together with selected compounds having proven safety and efficacy from Chinese Herbal Medicine. Xel has developed and continues to research unique and patent-protected delivery technologies involving transdermal & controlled release delivery systems as well as proprietary extraction technologies, such as cold water extraction processes. Xel has over twenty products in its development pipeline and currently holds twenty issued, allowed and /or pending US patents, with international counterpart fields in major foreign markets. Xel has entered into strategic partnerships for Xel's proprietary transdermal technologies both here in the US and in China. These partnerships validate Xel's business model and quality of drug development conducted in both the eastern and western hemispheres.

TeaTech®, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, specializes in green tea and green tea-based products, and has novel dosage forms and several new applications for green tea beverages and foods. This innovative research has led to the establishment of distinct marketing groups and sales units for domestic and international product distribution. In 2005, TeaTech signed the world famous actor, Jackie Chan, as spokesman to endorse its entire line of instant green tea products.