Management Team

Xel has assembled a management team that has over 60 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical industries.

Dinesh C. Patel, Ph.D. - Chairman of the Board & Co-founder
Dinesh C. PatelDr. Patel is considered by many to be the father of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals in the Mountain West region of the United States. Dr. Patel has served fourteen years as Co-founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors, President & CEO, of TheraTech, Inc., a Salt Lake City, Utah based company that has been a pioneer in the development and manufacture of innovative drug delivery products, especially transdermal delivery systems. Under Dr. Patel's guidance, TheraTech established strategic alliances with major pharmaceutical companies including Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Roche, SmithKline Beecham, and Wyeth-Ayerst. Dr. Patel directed the construction of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and oversaw the company's research & development efforts through the manufacture of its currently marketed transdermal products (leading products being transdermal testosterone and estrogen hormone-replacement therapy and oxybutynin transdermal patches). Dr. Patel took the Company public and eventually sold for $350 million to Watson Pharmaceuticals in 1998. Dr. Patel has been the recipient of numerous awards, including Scientific and Technology Development Pioneer of Progress, Governor's Medal for Science and Technology (State of Utah), and Entrepreneur of the Year (Mountain West Venture Group), to name just a few. Currently, Dr. Patel is a key partner of vSpring Capital, a venture capital company, and is a special member of the Scientific Advisory Board for Utah Governor, Jon M. Hunstman, Jr.

Wade W. Xiong – President, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
Wade W. XiongMr. Xiong has served the last twenty-five years in the fields of importing & exporting, international marketing & sales, product development and consulting businesses. Prior to leaving China, Mr. Xiong served as an official for the Commission of Foreign Economic Relations & Trade, Jiangsu Province. In 1989, Mr. Xiong moved to Japan and received his Master Degree in Economics. During his stay in Japan, he worked for a leading trade company and was responsible for marketing & sales. In 1993, Mr. Xiong came to the USA and began his consultant business in San Francisco bay area. Since 1995, Mr. Xiong has managed several contract projects for the State of Utah, and started his consulting business in the nutraceutical field for several large nutritional companies in Utah in order to provide resources for developing unique formulations from Chinese Herbal Medicines, setting up contract manufacturers in China and exploring market opportunities in Asia. His major clients include Nutraceuticals Corporation, Nature's Sunshine, Inc. and Enrich International, Inc. Since co-founding Xel Pharmaceuticals in 1999, Mr. Xiong has led the company's operations, successfully entering into licensing or co-development agreements for Xel's proprietary transdermal technologies both here in the USA and in China. Mr. Xiong is also the primary inventor for the green tea cold water extraction method, several patent applications related to green tea products and packaging designs. Under Mr. Xiong's guidance, TeaTech – a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc., effectively diversified into product development and manufacturing, and successfully launched and marketed TeaTech brand green tea products worldwide.

Danyi Quan, Ph.D. - Chief Scientific Officer & Co-founder
Danyi QuanDr. Quan has over 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical academy and industries. Prior to leaving China, Dr. Quan served as an Assistant Professor and laboratory director at China Pharmaceutical University, School of Pharmacy. In 1987, Dr. Quan received the Japanese Sasagawa Medical Award, and as the youngest scientist to ever receive this honor, she then moved to Japan to further her studies. Dr. Quan received her Ph.D. in Pharmaceuticals under the supervision of Dr. Tsunaji Nagai, a world-renown professor in drug delivery fields. In 1991, Dr. Quan received a post-doctoral research award and moved to San Francisco, USA to work at the University of California, School of Medicine, Department of Dermatology. In 1994, Dr. Quan joined TheraTech, Inc., (now Watson Pharmaceuticals) a leading US drug delivery company, as a Senior Scientist, and became the head of its Transdermal Research Department in 2000. Dr. Quan was the key inventor for several Watson's leading transdermal/topical products, including hormone replacement therapy, urinary incontinence, onychomycosis, pain relief as well as many other dermatological products. Since co-founding Xel Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Quan leads the Company's product research & development efforts, and is the inventor for several new drug delivery systems for Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines and proprietary extraction technologies. Currently, Dr. Quan is also the adjunct professor for University of The Pacific, California; School of Pharmacy, University of North Dakota. In 2008, Dr. Quan received the US-China Science Achievement Award in Utah an event honored and hosted by the Chinese Association of Science and Technology – USA (CAST-USA)